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To Say or Not to Say

My name is Raja Babu, from IIT Kanpur. Oops, I think most of you would be knowing me. I feel grateful for the love and support that I received because of my website. A sophomore from CSE IITK, Alok Gautam, contacted me to share my experiences, and I was thinking about what to share. So, I requested him to ask the questions which he wants to get addressed. It is 04:42 AM, and I am sitting on the study table with my love, i.e., my laptop, to give wing to my words. Alok: In short, how was your stay at IIT Kanpur? Raja: On 20 July, I joined the IIT Kanpur family; it was one of the best days of my life. The first week was enjoyable due to the orientation session, but after that, lows & highs became part of life.    Alok: What is your view about the mental health of the students? Raja: After clearing JEE, you joined IIT. You have excellent knowledge in the field of Engineering, but I request you to take care of your health. The environment was stressful & I had also suffered from D