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Dynamics of Success

Dear readers, here are just a few suggestions. I may be wrong somewhere. 1. NEVER QUIT WHEN FACED WITH CHALLENGES. VK Bansal Sir( Bansal Classes, Kota), his determination, and dedication has organized an unknown industry to the tune of 5000 crores besides enlightening thousands of IITians 2. BELIEVING IN WHAT YOU THINK AND DO. ANNA and Kejarival, who have done what they believed to be right; hopefully, they will climb the ladders of success. Some of the greatest entrepreneurs ventured into unusual fields, where no one could have imagined or dared to venture. Shri Shri Ravishankar Ji - through the art of living, Baba Ram Dev - through his Yogashiksha and Patanjali Peeth, Shehnaj Hussain, Zaved Habib -revolutionary Herbal cosmetics champs.  3. ADAPTABILITY TO CIRCUMSTANCES. Sachin Tendulkar adopted with injuries, changing his style of play, but his versatility lies in the fact that he is the best player in all the game formats. 4. PASSIONATE ABOUT THE TASK IN HAND