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Mental Toughness For IIT-JEE

1. I can not solve numerical problems because my concepts are not clear -> In fact, numerical solving itself is an exercise to learn concepts. 2. I can not study because I am in depression. I fell into it because I was not studying -> Start studying, and don't think about failures, as failure is an integral part of learning. If the feeling of depression persists, then consult a Psychiatrist.  3. I understand everything in class, but can not solve it on my own -> WRITING work is vital. It is a combination of multiple activities; the initial idea comes in mind, then we put into a language to express it. We focus on hand-eye coordination, and eyes create a visual impression on the brain. WRITING WORKS ARE EMBOSSED ON BRAIN LIKE CARVINGS OF AJANTA CAVES. 4. In exams, my brain goes blank, but I can crack them at home -> The home attempt is your second attempt, you are contemplating it while home back. You do not behave differently in the exam, replicating your